About the film

Great White Shark Legend posterGreat White Shark Legend is a fresh and exciting new documentary that will challenge your beliefs and fears of the magnificent apex predators of the ocean. Attempts to change the public perception of Great White Sharks continue, but the danger, fear and sensationalism portrayed by most media still proves challenging to overturn. This film focuses on the communities of False Bay, South Africa and the people who live and work alongside Great Whites day to day – to pose and answer the question of what is it REALLY like to live on the doorstep of an animal many think they know from popular TV and film?

We as humans are simply passing through the domain of the Great White, and we need to respect our place in the history of the natural world. Great White Shark Legend is a first step in exposing the truth of that world. It will entertain audiences with the excitement, power, awe and beauty of the Great White, and separate once and for all the myths, fears and legends from the truth about an animal that desperately needs our help.

In an exciting and independent collaboration, film-maker Ricardo Lacombe and shark legend Rob Lawrence (of African Shark Eco-Charters and “Airjaws” fame) have captured a unique look at the world of Great White sharks – telling a story which displays incredible up-close footage and awe-inspiring events, as well as an equal measure of heart and soul which the film-makers feel is seriously lacking in popular media.

This story, the real story of humans alongside Great White Sharks, has never been told in cinema before – it’s time for a new legend to be told.