Exclusive Web Clip #1 – Great White Shark Legend

It is hard to capture in words that moment when you see a Great White Shark in it’s natural habitat, up close, in real life. What you see on TV is 99% of the time not what a Great White is all about. The second you capture the moment of witnessing this majestic and misunderstood […]

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Toby The Great White Shark Legend!

The Great White Shark Legend film process continues to open doors and surprises for us. A recent world star called Toby came to our attention thanks to an AWESOME project he has started which he calls “Writing To The World” – whereby he has set out to write and get a response from a person […]

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Key players of Great White Shark Legend

There are many interviewees in Great White Shark Legend, from local shark experts and conservationists to the men, women and children who use the beaches of False Bay and the Cape Town area. Here are just a few of some of the key players that make up the heart and soul of knowledge in Great […]

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Great White Shark Legend TEASER TRAILER

Here it is – your very first look at Great White Shark Legend in this first teaser trailer of what is to come. We are still head down in the edit right now but couldn’t resist giving all who have supported us a taste of the magic and epic scale of Great White Shark Legend. […]

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Logging, logging, logging.

Hi folks, Ricardo here with the first behind-the-scenes blog update! It’s been a huge journey so far to bring this film into creation. As anyone who has followed the progress so far on other sites / social media will know, the journey for me began began in 2011 when I travelled to Simonstown, South Africa […]

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Welcome to the Great White Shark Legend blog

Hello readers and viewers! It is our great pleasure to bring you not only the launch of the official website for Great White Shark Legend, but also this production and news blog. Many of you will have already been following the extensive pre-production and principal photography on the African Shark Eco-Charters website ( as well […]

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