Early preview cut review!

michael and evan stillWe recently held an early rough cut screening for some objective and honest film-makers, just to gauge early reactions from some very non-shark-involved people. Early responses were beyond our expectations! One of the key goals for the film is to bring the awe and respect of Great White Sharks to a new audience, who only ever see the sensationalist and completely misleading TV style teeth and guts shows.

Scot DavidsonOne of our early viewers was UK film-maker Scot Davidson, who despite having worked with Ricardo on previous films in the UK Indie film scene (most notably his gritty anti-racism piece “I Wonder Who”), will always offer an objective critique. He had this to say after viewing the rough early preview:

“Having worked with Ricardo on several projects I never cease to be amazed by his dedication and skill in his chosen craft and the fact that Great White Shark Legend (even in a rough format) actually makes me want to swim with sharks, shows just how masterful he is at what he does and what he and his wife have created with this film. A stunning piece of film which I have no doubt will raise awareness to the fact that the sea belongs to the shark and all other marine life, that we should be appreciative of this fact, and to admire the natural beauty of Great White Sharks in THEIR habitat. Cannot wait to see more!” – Scot Davidson

We cannot wait to show you all too, and if Scot’s reaction is anything to go by we have a winner on our hands!

GREAT WHITE SHARK LEGEND opening shot shark