Global Premiere of Great White Shark Legend at 40Fathoms Film Festival in June!

40Fathoms titleIt is with great pleasure we can announce that we have chosen the 40Fathoms Film Festival in Hermanus, South Africa (June 6th-8th) for the worldwide premiere of Great White Shark Legend.

40Fathoms Film Festival is a cinematic celebration of Earth’s Oceans. Using the power of film & imagery, 40Fathoms Film Festival raises public awareness about issues facing the oceans today and provides people with the tools to make a difference.

The 40Fathoms Film Festival was conceived by the South African 40Fathoms FestivalShark Conservancy (SASC ) to celebrate World Oceans Day. It showcases underwater filmmaking talent and emphasizes marine conservation concerns and success stories on a regional and global scale.

40Fathoms Film Festival is not a commercial event. Rather, the festival aims to raise public awareness about issues facing the oceans today and provide them with the tools to make a tangible difference.

We could not be more proud than to share our film for the audience at this wonderful event.


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