Jan 2014 update Great White Shark Legend

Surfing At Own RiskHappy New Year everyone!

Just wanted to quickly give you an update where we are at with Great White Shark Legend.

We have a rough cut, but it’s still running a little long at 2 hours.
Ideally I want this down to 1hr 40mins.

So I am currently in process of re-tweaking, cutting, layering, finalising the music (we have an AWESOME score!) and generally trying to get it down in time without simply chopping a segment out.

I am still very much working to have a final rough cut (to be approved by myself, the exec producers) by end of Jan (we lost a month of post-production time sadly due to events outside our control).

I know it’s frustrating but early sneak peeks with a few people have been ecstatically received so far… stick with us, worth the wait I promise you – it’s looking and sounding stunning and more than we hoped it would right now.

Will keep you updated.

Thanks all (and for those of you in South Africa….enjoy your summer….it’s wet and cold here in the UK!)